The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce relies on members of the community to help it  achieve its goals. Anyone interested in joining one of our committees is welcome to call  us for more information.

Below is a list of some of the committees, volunteer  opportunities, and duties for each. Take a look and see where you may be able to contribute your talents!

Membership Committee

This group specializes in member development. That means inviting new members to join the chamber, initiating membership drives and making sure our membership is happy and well-informed.

Events Committee

Each year the Chamber hosts an Awards Gala to honor some of the outstanding businesses and leaders in our community for their efforts throughout the year. This committee is responsible for setting the criteria for nomination and oversees the open and democratic voting process. The committee is also responsible for the creation and implementation of the Gala Event.

Public Relationship Committee

This committee is responsible for maintain a close relationship with Public Officials and other organizations, participating in community activities, issue press releases, letters to local press, business clients and public officials in an effort to create a positive image of The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. This committee informs the media of Chamber events and note worthy news to promote the Chamber.

Government and Advocacy Committee

Our advocacy is focused on advancing the interests of all Chamber members and the community we serve. Napa County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is committed to be an advocate for our local business. The Advocacy Committee prepares legislative strategies, implements an action plan and reports back to the Board of Directors at regularly scheduled meetings. The Board determines advocacy policy and identifies issues that are a priority for the organization and the community in general.

If you are interested in any of these committees or any other way you might become involved, please do not hesitate to contact Marisa today at 707-226-1088. You can also email Marisa at marisa.loza@sbcglobal.net.